About ABEL

Abel Taveras is one of the founders of Huracan Dance Studio.  Abel has been dancing since 2004.  Abel began dancing at Jorday Rivera's dance studio in Queens, NY.  Abel then proceeded to dance for Nelson Flores and the Descarga Latina Dance Company.  Abel then took time off from dancing and began DJing.  Abel has played at many venues throughout the United States.  

After a 5 year Hiatus, Abel returned to dance.  His accomplishments include dancing at various Congresses including New York, Ct Salsa Fest, Boston, Berlin, Orlando, Marseille to learn a few.  We also danced at the 32 and 33 Salsa festival at the Barclay Center.  

Years Active: 14 years

Memeroable moment:  Berlin Production and Barclay Center

Quote:  "Don't let anyone out work you"