Huracan Youth Program

“Enriching Youth Lives through Dance”

Our mission at Huracán is to create an experience which fosters harmony and promotes personal wellness. In a safe, caring and fun filled environment the Huracán youth program will be offering salsa classes, Creative Movement, general jazz, general ballet, and general hip hop classes. These classes will be taught by experienced instructors who will treat each of their students with respect and encourage them to reach their full potential.  Team work, reasoning and conflict resolution will be encouraged and emphasized throughout the program. 

Our classes are detailed, intense and extremely high energy. We look forward to creating a learning environment that is suitable all. We cater to beginners assuring a foundation that will strengthen and help each dancer strive and pursuit which ever dance path they desire.

Program Goals:

·         Learn the fundamentals of dance.

·         Gain an appreciation for music.

·         Build new friendships.

·         Learn how to work in a team environment.

·         Perform at our spring recital.


Huracan Currently offers one salsa or bachata for $45 for the month.  Hip Hop class is FREE when joining one of these classes.

Registration will take place Thursdays from 5-7:30 at Huracan Dance Studio.